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Rat Race Leadership Teams

What’s needed to break the rat race of busy but not bold, routine reporting and status quo results? When will someone say stop; there is another way we can lead ourselves, this team, and our business?

Does Your Cup Runneth Over?

Learn an offensive approach to mastering information overload. Instead of become a creature of circumstance, falling for quick clicks and becoming easily distracted, start using the 3Cs.

Were your customers locked out before corona?

The corona pandemic has required many businesses (restaurants, hotels and airlines) to temporarily close,or significantly restrict on premise customer presence. This is being done, on the advice of health experts, to prevent the virus from more widespread transmission. While the health implications have forced some businesses to lockout customers physcially; many other businesses locked out their customers strategically long before the corona virus struck.

The Oxygen Mask Rule

You must first help yourself, as instructed by the airlines, before you can help anyone else. When you are part of a leadership team, it is critical that you and your executive team members decide how you are going to help yourselves before you jump in to help others. Executives are confronted from day one with a multitude of problems to solve and opportunities to address. Everyone wants something from senior leaders; this is where many executive teams make the mistake of jumping into their company’s business issues too deeply at the beginning of their team’s evolution.

Are You an Executive Ball Hog?

When the CEO, or any other senior executive, complains that they don’t get the buy-in they expect from their executive team or are concerned that they don’t get constructive push back from their executive colleagues, it could be an opportunity to look at how well “the ball” is being shared in the executive team.

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