Frauen, fast eine Liebeserklärung

Frauen, fast eine Liebeserklärung

“Frauen, fast eine Liebeserklärung” was an extraordinary theatre experience last Friday night in Stuttgart.

Translated into English, “Women. Almost a declaration of love” takes a critical perspective on the position of women in today’s society. It reflects on role models and expectations and invites us to look at these aspects from a new perspective.

The piece was inspired by Florian Schroeder’s book and adapted to theatre by actress Angela Neis, in a one-person play that sheds light on topics such as the position of women in society, the demands placed on them in today’s world, role models and modern challenges such as artificial intelligence in a critical yet hilarious way.

In my eyes, simply outstanding entertainment, that led to laughter and reflection; and judging from the audience’s energy, they felt the same.

Yet throughout this superb performance, I could not help but think about the actress’s backstory, that only a few in the audience were aware of.

25 years earlier, I sat at her family’s dining room table, in a small Black Forest village, listening to Angela’s parents encourage her to pursue a real career, something more stable and traditional, something to fall back on if this acting fantasy did not materialize.

Angela was not yet 20 years old, but she already knew what she wanted to do with her life, and that was to act and create experiences that others could enjoy and reflect on. Her passion, resilience, and determination to follow her instincts were already strong, even with the uncertain road ahead of her.

In the end, she won over her parents support, like she won the support of the entire audience last Friday night. Angela is my wife’s younger sister, my sister-in-law and I am grateful that she followed her heart to touch the lives of all of us last Friday night.

Thank you Angela!


Photo image by Renitenztheatre, Stuttgart

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