Must-Win Battle Scorecard

Must-Win Battle Scorecard

Last week I shared questions that help leadership teams reflect on their business performance, lessons learned, and missed opportunities.

Here’s another framework that leadership teams use to address and review their must-win battles.

Sort your leadership team’s 2023 must-win battles in the following categories:

1 – Strongly exceeded this must-win battle (Exceeded this by more than 20%).

2Exceeded this must-win battle (Overachieved up to 20%).

3Met and achieved this must-win battle.

4Under delivered on this must-win battle (Up to 20% less than desired outcome).

5Significantly under delivered on this battle (missed by more than 20%).

Exchange how your must-win battles influence growth and business outcomes.

Collect insights, map initiatives and record commitments for your 2024 Must Win Battles agenda.

Encourage vulnerability and expressions of struggle in these discussions as they are an indication of learning and stretch target setting.

Use meaningful reflection and heartfelt discussions to anchor team member commitments going forward in the new year.

Share them publicly in your leadership team and beyond and commit to reflection pit stops throughout the year to review progress and celebrate successes.

What process do you and your leadership team use to define your must-win battles and review how effectively you achieve and exceed them?

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