Create a Senseful Strategy #5

Create a Senseful Strategy #5

Six signature strengths separate highly effective leadership teams from those that struggle.

Each week, I will share one of these signature strengths, what it sounds like when it’s missing, why it’s important, and what it looks like when you’ve got it in your team.

“Our strategy is too complex; it is a strategy on paper, but not something we or our people can practically carry forward.”

“We don’t understand the priorities of functions outside our own. We have “silent wars” and compete against, instead of compliment, each other.”

Leadership teams fall short of their strategic ambitions, in many instances, because they settle for strategy authorship, rather than strategic ownership.

Just because a leadership team has created strategy (authorship) does not mean they and the organization own it.

When a senseful strategy (one that is practiced with ownership and not just superficially alive via authorship) is alive and well in the executive team and your business, you see:

-Leaders share why the company strategy is meaningful, beyond financial results or simply growing faster than the market and act in the same way.

-An open climate to discuss concerns, doubts, and questions about strategic topics, both in the leadership team and throughout the organization.

-People at all levels are rewarded for demonstrating collaborative excellence.

In what ways is your leadership team creating and carrying out a senseful strategy across your organization?





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