Make Meetings Matter #4

Make Meetings Matter #4

Six signature strengths separate highly effective leadership teams from those that struggle.

Over the next six weeks, I’ll share one of these signature strengths, what it sounds like when it’s missing, why it’s important, and what it looks like when you’ve got it in your team. Here are verbatim comments from executive clients:

“We are not addressing the right issues at our executive meetings, and this hurts our growth plans and certainly our future success will suffer.”

“We do not benefit from the experience of the others in our leadership meetings – this is a pity as there are smart people in the room.”

“Our leadership meetings are very strict; you do not really feel at ease during the meeting.”

Creating and leading meetings that matter is the single most valuable situation you have to create a culture of ownership and breakthrough results for your business.

When you make meetings matter in senior leadership teams, you see:

-razor sharp clarity regarding your vision and mission.

-tough conversations, with emotions and intellect on the table, and when all is said and done, people walking out as one team, with one voice.

-energized leaders having fun getting the right things done.

If you are a leader, the question you and your team must ask each other is, “Why is our leadership meeting the best meeting in this company?”

Be the example you expect of others and make your meetings matter, and a signature strength in your leadership team.




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