Six signs of executive team resistance

Six signs of executive team resistance

“How do you choose which leadership teams to work with”, people often ask.

First and foremost, I listen for expressions of ownership on topics crucial to their success.

Second, I listen for the six signs of resistance. When I hear one or more “resistance beliefs” expressed, it is good sign that their ownership index is too low for me to advise, coach or consult them. Here they are:

1) Blaming predecessors for the current state of the business

2) Point to competitors and complain that they are competing unfairly

3) Ignore problem areas in the business, (often can be traced back to the leadership team)

4) Speaking badly about a part of the business that’s not performing

5) Surround themselves with yes people who don’t challenge the current state of the business

6) Accuse people of being negative and pessimistic, without looking for evidence that supports the challenges people are making

What signs of executive resistance have you encountered as a senior leader, or someone who supports senior leadership teams?





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