Use September to Spark Your Strategic Growth – Week 1

Use September to Spark Your Strategic Growth – Week 1

Now is the time to develop or refresh your strategy, as September marks the end of summer and a “new season” for many businesses.

Strategy work in September renews energy and focus and is one step before the final quarter of the year.

Creating and executing strategy is the responsibility of the senior leadership team. While there are many activities that leadership teams can delegate to others, strategy is not one of them.

The question is, “How well does the leadership team fulfil the expectations and objectives of your strategy?

Over the next four weeks, I will share pragmatic and powerful strategy resources to help you make the most of your “Strategic September”.

For week one, let me introduce, “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy, the Difference and Why it Matters”, by Richard Rumelt, who the McKinsey Quarterly called, “Strategy’s strategist”.

Rumelt’s straightforward approach to strategy is well-described and supported by real world examples from his advising and consulting experiences.

That’s my tip for week one and  I’ll be here next week to share another resource with you in September, week 2!

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