A bad boss is good business…

A bad boss is good business…

for someone else’s business, that is.

Returning from a client recently in Southern Germany, I saw this billboard. It says:

Have an incompetent boss?

Change something.

It is a clever advertisement to show unsatisfied employees that they may have better options somewhere else.

A bad boss is good business, unfortunately not for the boss’s company!

Gallup has done much work in this area and their research shows that roughly 70% of the variance in employee engagement is linked to the experiences they have with their boss.

When an employee’s experiences get really bad, or a dissatisfied employee sees a billboard like the one here, voluntary turnover may take place, in other words, people just leave. Gallup research suggests that voluntary turnover costs US companies about a trillion dollars a year, and much more when we extrapolate that world-wide.

Unfortunately, most companies focus on their leadership development efforts at the bottom of their organizations, not the top. Only one out of ten companies have a system of continuous improvement for their senior leadership teams.

Seems like a small investment to keep talent in the organization – what do you think?


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