Engulfed in Escalations?

Engulfed in Escalations?

Are you engulfed by escalations because others push uncomfortable tasks or situations to you, instead of developing their own ideas and actions?

Three ways to support others to take ownership:

  • “I understand the situation you’ve just described to me. What do you see as the three options to move forward, and which one makes most sense to you at this time?”
  • “How would you go about dealing with this situation? Share how you would do this first before you ask me; this way I will understand your approach and be able to give you better feedback and ideas.”
  • “You’ve mentioned a couple of ideas – how would you use what we’ve just discussed? For example, when are you going to approach Cindy and let her know that you don’t appreciate it when she interrupts you? Imagine that I am Cindy and let’s hear how you would share that feedback with her?”

A leader’s input too soon can rob someone of their opportunity to develop and try out their own ideas.

How do you ensure that you aren’t getting engulfed in every escalation that comes your way?

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