How do others talk about your mid-year performance appraisals?

How do others talk about your mid-year performance appraisals?

Take out a sheet of paper, write, “My team appreciates and values the mid-year performance appraisal process I lead because they: (you finish the sentence here).

Does the rest of your sentence sound like this?


-receive recognition for achievements thus far.

-get more clarity as we align for the challenges and targets through the end of the year.

-feel highly valued and a significant contributor to our team’s purpose and organizational mission.

-feel listened to and have the feeling that they can share anything with me, without judgement.

-get energized and excited about the ideas we discuss to tackle tough problems.

-do most of the talking and appreciate me just listening to them talk about their work and whatever else come to mind.

-leave our mid-year conversation with a strong confirmation that this is a good place for them to be.


July 2 is more or less our “halfway point” of the year, a gentle reminder that a leader’s calendar during this time is blocked for mid-year performance reviews with their people.


If you still have appraisals in front of you, bring the purpose to these exchanges that they deserve.

What’s the great question that you ask to get the most out of your mid-year performance appraisal process?


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