Learning to Fail Better

Learning to Fail Better

Try again, fail again, fail better, to quote Samuel Beckett.

The problem is, most people don’t learn to fail better.

Here’s why:

There are three degrees of failure.

First degree failure is when we fail to start something that we wanted to do.

Second degree failure is when we start something, but fail to finish it.

Finally, third degree failure is when we start something, complete it and fail to get the desired results.

We don’t learn from first or second degree failure, because we don’t have outcomes or results to compare to our expectations.

The only failure we really learn from is third degree failure.

Chances are that when you “map your failures”, you will find most of them are either first degree, that is “failed to start”, or second degree, “started but failed to finish”, with the least experiences as third degree failures, and this are the ones from which we can learn from.

If you are struggling to learn from your failures, make sure that fail to the third degree.



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