Nesting in the Executive Team – Part I

Nesting in the Executive Team – Part I

Struggling to deliver on your strategy?

Lack of urgency in your organization?

Watching your competitors do things you have thought about but did not translate into action?

We all enjoy the comforts of life, yet too much comfort in the executive team leads to complacency, or what I call “executive nesting”.

Let’s look at the signs of executive team nesting:

-Executives feel protected and there aren’t any consequences for inappropriate behavior or poor performance.

-Consensus thinking prevails, there is little controversy and even less conflict.

-Executives debate operational issues or pet projects, not what really matters to move the business forward.

-There is little risk taking and no ownership when things do not go well.

-The client and their needs are no longer the center of the executive conversation.

Nesting behaviors can attach to any organizational team or function in your business and prevents your executive team (or any other team for that matter) from playing at their best.

Next week, I’ll share how to disrupt executive nesting in constructive and meaningful ways.

How do you encourage and help leaders and their teams from falling into the executive nesting syndrome?



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