Strategic Decisions

Strategic Decisions

What is the most strategic decision that you have made in the last 60 days, personally or professionally?

I have asked this question hundreds of times, to leaders that are striving to become more “strategic”.

When you look at the decision or decisions you selected, why did you consider it a strategic decision? What you selected is not as important as why you considered your response a strategic decision.

In other words, what are the characteristics of a strategic decision?

When we unpack this in strategic development workshops or coaching sessions, leaders describe the following characteristics:

-longer term impact

-involves me personally and emotionally

-future oriented

-means a change in direction

-tied to a personal or organizational purpose

-there is uncertainty and risk involved; success is not guaranteed

Keep this in mind as you move from operational to strategic leadership. If you aren’t feeling some risk or uncertainty on this journey, you probably aren’t on the right path.

What other “rites of passage” have you experienced moving from an operational to a strategic leader?



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