The Art of Essential

The Art of Essential

25 years ago Steve Jobs returned to Apple as interim CEO.  The company was, according to many reports, two months away from bankruptcy.  Jobs cut desktop computers from 15 models to one.  He eliminated printers and other peripheral devices.  He cut inventory by 80%.  You know the rest of the story.

Understanding what is essential and having the courage to act on it is what separates true leaders from clones in the crowd.

The art of essential means…..

Doing fewer things is better than juggling many things.  It is far more powerful to move three priorities a mile than to move 100 issues an inch.

Challenging others and pushing back when you feel initiatives or tasks have little value or meaning.

Stepping out of the recurring dramas that exhaust you and others without producing significant results.

There is a tendency in our new digital working environment to confuse more with better.

My feeling is we can do less and be more, with deeper intention on purpose, meaning and value creation.

What are you doing to be essential, rather than busy?


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