Use September to Spark Your Strategic Growth–Week 4

Use September to Spark Your Strategic Growth–Week 4

An organization must maintain a continuous pipeline of business-building initiatives.

Only if the company keeps the pipeline full will it have new growth engines ready when the existing ones begin to falter.

Most leaders are preoccupied with their day-to-day business, leaving the business building strategy undiscussed and weak, creating huge risks for the company and stakeholders.

M. Baghai, S. Coley & D. White address the challenges and opportunities described above in their book “The Alchemy of Growth, Kickstarting and sustaining growth in your company”. This has been a valuable resource for my strategy work with clients, enabling them to create step changes in their strategy outcomes.

That’s my tip for week four and looking forward to hearing about additional strategy resources from you in the commentary below.

As this is the final week of our Strategic September, here’s an additional resource to help you pin-point areas where you can strengthen your strategy – through my senseful strategy scorecard – click on senseful strategy scorecard link to access this resource.

All the best for more improved strategic thinking and acting!

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