Beyond the Squeaky Wheel

Beyond the Squeaky Wheel

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. This proverb means that the most noticeable problems attract our attention. Yet the squeak in the wheel might not be where the real opportunities lie.

Are you obsessed with the squeaky wheel and quick fixes?

Three options for a squeaky wheel:

1)    The first option is classic problem solving. This means simply bringing things back into the same order as before. When people are rewarded for fixing things, the problem disappears (at least for a while) and the status quo remains intact.

2)   The second option is improving the situation, that is fixing what was broken, and making it a bit better than before.

3)   Breakthrough results come through addressing the issues beyond the squeaky wheel. This third option (often called the innovative option) is where expansion, growth and value generation come through a bigger picture perspective.

The next time you hear the wheel squeak, ask yourself, “What’s the larger issue at stake?” Being able to push the pause button and reflect on the larger issue will enable you to uncover more potential value.

What are your experiences with the squeaky wheel syndrome?

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