Cutting back or creating with constraints?

Cutting back or creating with constraints?

Have the constraints of restricted business travel, fewer or no face-to-face customer meetings, or home office isolation prevented you and your organization from achieving your goals?

Or, are you treating constraints an invitation to innovate, to enhance or adapt how you previously operated to achieve and exceed targets?

Constraints are fertile ground for creativity, innovation and breakthrough results.

Don’t cut back or resign when you encounter constraints, instead:

  1. Treat constraints as a pivot point, rather than an obstacle or something that you are missing.
  2. Develop an appreciative attitude towards constraints.
  3. Embrace the constraint, rather than avoid it, and treat it as a springboard which helps you later adapt or overcome the challenge at hand.
  4. Address constraints with small experiments and smaller projects. There is no need to go big in the beginning, this can come later as your confidence and innovative results grow.

Are you and your team sidelined, or inspired by constraints?



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