Leadership Team Reflections for Results

Leadership Team Reflections for Results

15 days into the new year; are your well-intentioned resolutions already falling off your leadership team agenda?

Well intentioned leadership team resolutions can quickly get lost if they aren’t anchored in meaningful reflection.

Use this structure to make the most of your experiences from the past year so that you can profit from them in 2019:

Personal Reflection

As you look back at 2018, what do you see as your:



-Lessons Learned

(This is taking something that happened last year and making a personal and active commitment to change and profit from this lesson.)

Must-Win Battle Scorecard

Take a look at the must-win battles you identified for 2018.

As a team, rate your functional and overall leadership team must-win battles on the following scale:

1 – Strongly exceeded this must-win battle (exceeded this by more than 20%)

2Well exceeded this must-win battle (overachieved up to 20%)

3 – MET and achieved this must-win battle

4Under delivered on this must-win battle (up to 20% less than desired outcome)

5Significantly under delivered on this battle, missed by more than 20%

Exchange how the must-win battles influenced growth and business outcomes.

Map Insights, Commitments and Actions for 2019

Lead the discusssion, what will I / we continue to do in 2019?

What will I / we start doing this year that will lead to growth and results?

What will I / we stop doing, as it no longer serves a personal or business priority?

Encourage vulnerability, personal ownership,  and learn to accept the personal and team struggle in these discussions and they are an indication of learning.

Cascade this process down through the organization; via the respective leadership teams throughout the organization to ignite the spirit, track the commitments and celebrate the successes.

Use meaningful reflection and heartfelt discussions to anchor your true commitments going forward this year. Share them publicly in your leadership team and share them with the team that reports to you.

Reflection helps us anchor meaning, purpose and lessons learned in both past and future results.


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